Tracy Rees
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Tracy Rees
Tracy was born in 1963. She has qualifications in Graphic Design and Illustration and also in Ceramics. She worked for many years as a Studio Potter and part time Ceramics Technician and has been painting since 2003.

“I paint in a shed in my garden all year round, to me it Is a very special place, a haven where I can observe natures little scenes, listen to birdsong and see the flowers change from season to season and watch my Tabby cats prowl around, going about their days. Their antics and duality of wildness and polite domesticity amuses and fascinates me and inspires many of my paintings.

I also love to paint dogs as they express the joys and warm feelings of home and I find their facial expressions and body language extremely eloquent. I place them in domestic scenes where they are perplexed by the rules of behaviour, and when caught in the act look rather guilty sitting on the forbidden sofa, whilst enjoying the blissful pleasure of a warm, stolen seat.

Many ideas for paintings have come from nostalgic childhood memories of my grandparents simple rustic country home and cottage garden which has provided me with a treasure trove of images.

Collected objects, fabrics, rugs, ceramics etc. also give me inspiration and I enjoy creating scenes and narratives around them painting in soft acrylic colours on board in muted tones to capture a sort of nostalgic, dreamy quality.”

Selected Works

Tracy Rees, Blossom
Tracy Rees, Heaven Scent
Heaven Scent
Tracy Rees, Magnolia
Tracy Rees, Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends