Richard Barrett
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Richard Barrett
Richard is originally from Cardiff and left to attend Sheffield University to study Ecology. Afterwards, he spent time teaching in London but quickly decided that his future lay in his interest in art. His father had taught art and encouraged Richard as a child laying down a deep appreciation of painting as an important and integral part of life. After moving back to Sheffield, Richard began to build up a strong reputation as a freelance artist, eventually becoming employed as an art director for a major publishing company. It was here where he created artwork and commissioned the work of other artists. After a period of transition between the commercial art world and his own painting, he decided to commit to painting full time.

Richard says of his work - 'My painting is driven by the elements, the changing dynamics of light and how this breathes life into the landscape'. Time spent walking the land and sketching provide the starting point for Richard's work. Back in the studio as the process of painting begins a more intuitive approach comes into play. Instinct and memories then guide the direction of the piece so that the finished painting becomes an expression of the essence or spirit of a place.

The landscapes that evolve have an allusive, abstracted quality. The movement of the wind and the rain as well as the drama of shifting light on the land provide magical, fleeting moments in an ever changing lanscape. They invite the viewer in, to find their own interpretation, their own personal story.

Selected Works

Richard-Barrett, Fresh Morning Bluster
Fresh Morning Bluster
Richard-Barrett, Lifting SKies
Lifting Skies
Richard-Barrett, Last Sunshine Smouldering
Last Sunshine Smouldering
Richard-Barrett, Shore Mist and Sunshine
Shore Mist and Sunshine
Richard-Barrett, Slow River, Twilight
Slow River, Twilight
Richard-Barrett, Thundering, High Tide
Thundering, High Tide
Richard-Barrett, The Great Escape
The Great Escape
Richard-Barrett, Sea of Gold and Teal
Sea of Gold and Teal
Richard-Barrett, Where the Sky Opens Up
Where the Sky Opens Up
Richard-Barrett, A Morning of Promise
A Morning of Promise
Richard-Barrett, Wild Grass and Distant Moorland
Wild Grass and Distant Moorland