Nicola Rose
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Sarah Warley-Cummings
Nicola Rose studied her Foundation Course at the Suffolk College of Art, BA Illustration/graphic design at Maidstone College of Art & Design and MA Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic.

”My paintings are a response to my fascination with wild places that are always at the mercy of the elements, the power, and drama of waves, skies and the edge of land. My starting point is drawing /painting on site in all weathers to get down the essential energy of the place and moment , then these beginnings are developed into paintings on canvas in the studio using a mix of oil paint and other materials, to create works that has many layers that reflect the timelessness of these wild places and my response to them.”

Selected Works

Nicola Rose, Chun Hill, Cornwall
Chun Hill, Cornwall
Nicola Rose, Long Horizon
Long Horizon
Nicola Rose, Ragged Grass
Ragged Grass
Nicola Rose, Sea and Earth
Sea and Earth
Nicola Rose, The Pale Sea
The Pale Sea
Nicola Rose, Wild Grass
Wild Grass
Nicola Rose, Pendeen Headland
Pendeen Headland
Nicola Rose, Pendeen Cliffs, Cornwall
Pendeen Cliffs, Cornwall