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Louise Davies
Louise Davies is a professional Painter and Printmaker based in London. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Louise gained a B.A in Fine Art from St Martins school of Art and an M.A in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art in London.

Louise Davies specialises in oil paintings depicting landscapes with a vibrant use of colour and a fluid line. She works from her own studio in South East London creating original editions that feature in galleries across the UK . She has both U.K and international buyers and pieces featured in both public spaces and buyers private homes. ​

Intense layers of translucent colour and overlapping, shifting shapes are pulled together by fluid lines.

Much of this stems from a childhood spent in the West Country, where the countryside was her place of reference. Later moving to London, she reminisced about that landscape by adding her own romantic palette to emphasise nature’s beauty. Suns rising and setting, turbulent storms, waters calm and troubled, are represented through Louise’s unique way of layering bold and all enveloping transparencies of colour.

In her London pieces, buildings are backlit by luminescent skies, adding magic and excitement to the already vibrant city. The Thames is set alight with neon tones, reflecting the mood of the image. At the same time, the addition of line adds structure to the scene, giving it stability.

It is apparent in all of Davies’s work that her love of the environment is paramount, and her intuitive use of the various media testament to her mastery of these techniques.

Selected Works

Louise Davies, Evening Vineyards
Evening Vineyards
Louise Davies, Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon
Louise Davies, Red Path to the Sierra
Red Path to the Sierra
Louise Davies, Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Louise Davies, Sierra Night
Sierra Night
Louise Davies, The City at Night
The City at Night
Louise Davies, Lemon Groves
Lemon Groves