Janet Keith
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Janet Keith
Janet is interested in finding an image rather than making an image.

Her working practice combines spontaneous, expressive gesture, joyful colour harmonies and engagement with underlying pictorial structures.

Central to Janet’s approach is beginning a painting with no preconceived idea of the direction the painting will take. She generally begins a painting by letting loose with lots of fast, uncensored and spontaneous, mark making.This ‘phase’ is like the sound of the orchestra tuning up - a random but purposeful cacophony.

The work progresses by Janet adjusting, balancing and reacting to what is happening on the canvas.It is a dance between freedom and form involving concealing/revealing areas of paint, adding/subtracting, considering /acting, finding/losing and finding again.

Janet accepts and works with the unexpected whilst at the same time enabling an image to emerge within a considered pictorial structure.

Some pieces resolve into completely abstract images and others may evoke landscape.

Janet’s work is mainly studio based but takes inspiration from the tangle of nature, landscapes near and far and music of all kinds. She hopes to convey a sense of energy and joie de vivre.

Janet has degrees in both the History of Art and Painting.

Selected Works

Janet Keith, Swish
Janet Keith, Tangerine Direction
Tangerine Direction