Georgia Hart
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Georgia Hart
British Canadian landscape artist Georgia Hart works exclusively with palette knives to create her signature impasto oil paintings. Thick peaks of paint incorporate another dimension into her work, starkly contrasting with her choice of delicate and pristine oil paper that purposefully frames bold and often rugged scenes. These 3D qualities allow the work to be more than a landscape painting; aiming to evoke intense emotion, while serving as a window to somewhere that is simultaneously familiar and distant.

Georgia uses painting as way to explore change in landscapes: considering how perspective, weather and seasons can create an uncontrollable, fleeting mood. She uses knives to add an expressive flair to her representational work.

Georgia often paints places that marry a feeling of home with something wild. Cornish beaches and Canadian mountain peaks are frequent subjects

Selected Works

Georgia Hart, Looking to Rock from Padstow
Looking to Rock from Padstow
Georgia Hart, Nestled Church at the Cove
Nestled Church at the Cove
Georgia Hart, Padstow Greys
Padstow Greys
Georgia Hart, Zesty Summer Fields Hambledon
Zesty Summer Fields Hambledon
Georgia Hart, Sky Clearing at Polzeath
Sky Clearing at Polzeath
Georgia Hart,Clearing Storm over Padstow
Clearing Storm over Padstow
Georgia Hart, Gold Sand
Gold Sand
Georgia Hart, Porthilly
Georgia Hart, Sunny Stepper, Daymer
Sunny Stepper, Daymer
Georgia Hart, Further Afield
Further Afield
Georgia Hart, Stepper Blue
Stepper Blue
Georgia Hart, English Fields
English Fields
Georgia Hart, Into the Harbour
Into the Harbour
Georgia Hart, Almost Raining
Almost Raining
Georgia Hart, Soft and Silver at Porthilly
Soft and Silver at Porthilly