Ewa Adams
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Ewa Adams
Ewa’s painting is a contemporary take on pointillism, a style famed for high labour intensity. In this technique, the circles of pure colour are juxtaposed next to one another, and when viewed from a distance an optical Interaction, a mixing of colours, is created by the eye of the spectator. The result of this is a distinctive work of incredible freshness, vibrancy and luminosity. Landscapes, usually sunny, glow with uplifting energy. They buzz with life.

Her understanding of the tone and colour interrelations is second to none. Her pallet is bright and bold and her images are full of joy and optimism. Adams takes us on a journey; we go back to her beloved subject of woodland with dancing patches of light and shadow. We are led to an edge of water where there is more light, movement and colour reflections. And we stand in an open landscape where she is somehow able to paint the air and one can sense the distance of the horizon. Unremarkable becomes remarkable. She captures the beauty of the familiar world that can be found on our doorstep. She creates form and movement out of pure colour.

She says “I paint to understand, by painting I explain the world to myself. The light, main subject of my art, is such a fickle matter. It often takes me weeks to capture a brief moment. The landscapes I picture are not imagined. I encountered them, I walked through them. I hope I can communicate the intensity and beauty of a moment once experienced and make others see the world through my eyes”

Selected Works

Ewa Adams, Blue Willow
Blue Willow
Ewa Adams, Sandy Path
Sandy Path
Ewa Adams, Distant Shadows
Distant Shadows
Ewa Adams, Summer Bliss
Summer Bliss
Ewa Adams, Wonder
Ewa Adams, Canal Walk
Canal Walk
Ewa Adams, When the Evening Falls
When the Evening Falls
Ewa Adams, Ancient Road, St Swithuns Way
Ancient Road St Swithuns Way
Ewa Adams, Morning by the Pond
Morning by the Pond
Ewa Adams, Happy Afternoon
Happy Afternoon
Ewa Adams, Emerald Forest
Emerald Forest
Ewa Adams, Dusk is Nearly Here
Dusk is Nearly Here
Ewa Adams, Tulips and Hyacinths
Tulips and Hyacinths
Ewa Adams, In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight