Annabel Playfair
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Annabel Playfair
Born in 1965 in London, Annabel studied at the City and Guilds, Chelsea and L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. She exhibited in a number of shows both in London and Edinburgh before bringing up her four children. She has been living in the Cotswolds for the past 30 years, where the countryside has continued to fuel her inspiration for her work.

As a student she was inspired by the Post Impressionists, particularly Matisse, Cezanne and Van Gogh and this early passion allowed Annabel to continue to develop her own unique figurative and energetic style. She loves to paint both still life and landscapes, with the Cotswolds, Cornish Coast, Provence and Tuscany being amongst her favourite locations.

“I love the shapes, patterns and, above all, colour found in nature. I am always seeing a new potential painting both inside and out, whether it’s the complexity of a seemingly simple vase of flowers and the shadows created by artificial light or the challenges of a landscape with its vibrant colours, form and shadows. I see a new painting everywhere!”


Selected Works

Annabel Playfair - Daymer Bay Cornwall
Daymer Bay Cornwall
Annabel Playfair - The Kitchen
The Kitchen
Annabel Playfair - Weekend Reflections
Weekend Reflections
Annabel Playfair - Boats at Portifino
Boats at Portifino
Annabel Playfair - The Cherry Orchard
The Cherry Orchard
Annabel Playfair - Late Afternoon Light, Italy
Late Afternoon Light, Italy
Annabel Playfair - Five Sheep
Five Sheep
Annabel Playfair - The Dog Basket
The Dog Basket
Annabel Playfair - Sheep with Hawthorne Blossom
Sheep with Hawthorne Blossom