Tina Balmer
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Tina Balmer
A Graduate of St Martins School of Art, my painting is both inspired by, and a celebration of the domestic and ordinary.

Everyday objects representing the rituals of daily life such as vases, jugs, tea pots and flowers are arranged on a table creating patterns that are underpinned by a strong sense of design. Paint is used in a relaxed way, sometimes in many layers , sometimes in washes and sometimes with bare canvas showing through. Although figurative, I'm not concerned with getting an absolute likeness but with the painting itself; the paint ,marks, colour, canvas and the composition jostle with each other until the painting takes on a life of its own.

Selected Works

Tina Balmer, Alstroemeria Orchid and Christmas Cactus
Alstroemeria Orchid and Christmas Cactus
Tina Balmer, Dahlias Cosmos-and Petals
Dahlias Cosmos-and Petals
Tina Balmer, Orange, Lilies, Window
Orange, Lilies, Window
Tina Balmer, Rudbeckia and Nasturtiums
Rudbeckia and Nasturtiums
Tina Balmer, Rudbeckia Studio Window
Rudbeckia Studio Window