Gallery Artists - The Winter Collection
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Janet Keith
Our Winter Collection is here, showcasing an eclectic mix of paintings and bronze sculptures by our talented gallery artists.

The gallery will showcase a changing selection of works throughout the exhibition.


Selected Works

Ewa Adams, Sunny Evening Horizon
Sunny Evening Horizon
Ewa Adams, The Colour of Shadow
The Colour of Shadow
Ewa Adams, The Rhythm
The Rhythm
Bob Aldous, Story of the Sticks
Story of the Sticks
Bob Aldous, Awoken by Indian Birdsong
Awoken by Indian Birdsong
Bob Aldous, Peacocks
Rachel Arif, Flatford Suffolk
Flatford Suffolk
Rachel Arif, Floral and Interior Sketch
Floral and Interior Sketch
Rachel Arif, Flowers and Vintage Staffordshire Pottery
Flowers and Vintage Staffordshire Pottery
Tina Balmer, Dahlias Cosmos-and Petals
Dahlias Cosmos-and Petals
Tina Balmer, Rudbeckia and Nasturtiums
Rudbeckia and Nasturtiums
Tina Balmer, Rudbeckia Studio Window
Rudbeckia Studio Window
Richard-Barrett, A Morning of Promise
A Morning of Promise
Richard-Barrett, Sea of Gold and Teal
Sea of Gold and Teal
Richard-Barrett, Thundering, High Tide
Thundering, High Tide
Louise Davies, Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Louise Davies, Sierra Night
Sierra Night
Louise Davies, The City at Night
The City at Night
Linda Franklin, Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures
Linda Franklin, We Picked the Flowers
We Picked the Flowers
Linda Franklin, Midsummer Memories
Midsummer Memories
Rose Fulbright, Dancing Pears
Dancing Pears
Rose Fulbright, Still life with Pomegranate
Still life with Pomegranate
Rose Fulbright, Still life with Persimmon
Still life with Persimmon
Hugo Grenville, An Autumn Afternoon
An Autumn Afternoon
Hugo Grenville, The Window in Winter
The Window in Winter
Hugo Grenville, Reading Madame Bovary
Reading Madame Bovary
Georgia Hart, Into the Harbour
Into the Harbour
Georgia Hart, Almost Raining
Almost Raining
Georgia Hart, Soft and Silver at Porthilly
Soft and Silver at Porthilly
Felice Hodges - Mexico No.4
Mexico No.4
Felice Hodges - Tangiers
Felice Hodges - Spring
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Orchids, Orchids
Orchids, Orchids
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Alderney Headland
Alderney Headland
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Summer Hedgerow with Dog Roses
Summer Hedgerow with Dog Roses
Julia Maleeva, Fig Jam, Pistachio Eclair
Fig Jam, Pistachio Eclair
Julia Maleeva, The Yellow House, Arles
The Yellow House, Arles
Julia Maleeva, Turquoise Balcon in Menton
Turquoise Balcon in Menton
Julie Moss, Now is not the Time
Now is not the Time
Julie Moss, New Horizons
New Horizons
Mungo Powney, The Calling Bird
The Calling Bird
Mungo Powney, Alive and Kicking
Alive and Kicking
Mungo Powney, Family Life
Family Life
Mungo Powney, The Tang Horse
The Tang Horse
Dylan Lloyd - Kitchen Garden XI - River Cottage
Kitchen Garden XI - River Cottage
Dylan Lloyd - Early Summer Border
Early Summer Border
Dylan Lloyd - Kitchen Garden with Farmhouse
Kitchen Garden with Farmhouse
Annabel Playfair - Daymer Bay Cornwall
Daymer Bay Cornwall
Annabel Playfair - The Kitchen
The Kitchen
Annabel Playfair - Late Afternoon Light, Italy
Late Afternoon Light, Italy
Beckie Reed, Blickling Estate
Blickling Estate
Beckie Reed, Chance Encounter
Chance Encounter
Beckie Reed, Play of Light
Play of Light
Nicola Rose, Dartmoor Sketch
Dartmoor Sketch
Nicola Rose, Haytor
Nicola Rose, Transition
Kelly Stevens - Country Garden
Country Garden
Kelly Stevens - Sugar and Sweet
Sugar and Sweet
Kelly Stevens - Summer Blues
Summer Blues
Janet Keith, Swish
Janet Keith, Tangerine Direction
Tangerine Direction