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Stephen Page
McAllister Thomas is delighted in presenting a solo show by sculptor Stephen Page.

“The main inspiration for the work comes from an interest in art and artefacts from throughout human history that reflect our changing relationship with animals. From the wild Aurochs in cave paintings to depictions of the Egyptian bull deity Apis, or the exaggerated rectangular cow paintings of prized livestock from the 18th & 19th centuries, the heavily romanticised Victorian pastoral scenes of cattle or even the cow screen prints of Warhol’s factory. Examples of artworks like this demonstrate our changing view of the animal world, from hunter gatherers through early settled agriculturally based communities to industrialisation and urbanisation and to the present day.

My own work draws on some of these themes and I aim to create artworks that are both ancient and modern, not only reflecting on this changing relationship, but also on the turning point that we are at now with the natural world. The work aims to offer an optimistic view of the future where we can find a new respect for these magnificent entities that have toiled alongside us through millennia to help us get to where we are today.”

Working from his studio in the Tanat Valley in Mid Wales, Page creates iconic sculptures which are cast in bronze through the lost wax process and finally coloured through the chemical process of patination in a variety of tones, hues and marble effects. Page exhibits nationally and internationally and his work is included in collections in the UK and worldwide.

Selected Works

Stephen Page, Boar
Stephen Page, Cone Bird
Cone Bird
Stephen Page, Lone Arc Bird
Lone Arc Bird
Stephen Page, Mammoth
Stephen Page, Oss IIIe
Stephen Page, Night Owl
Night Owl
Stephen Page, Aderyn
Stephen Page, Arth
Stephen Page, Dray
Stephen Page, Paun
Stephen Page, Golden Ibis
Golden Ibis
The above sculptures are all first editions.

To view more of Stephen's work please refer to his artist page here.