Sally Muir
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Sally Muir
Sally Muir specialises in portraits of dogs and occasionally people, landcapes and most recently printmaking. In all her work she attempts to convey the subject through a non-illustrative mark making process. Aiming for economy, portraying as much as possible with as little as possible and leaving the viewer to make their own connections.

Having started out as a knitwear designer in partnership with Joanna Osborne, they have published a series of knitting books, Knit your Own Dog/Cat/Dinosaur/ Zoo and many more. At the moment she is working on a new book of paintings of rescue dogs to be published in 2023 by Harper Collins. She exhibits regularly and has work in various public and private collections, including The Holburne Museum in Bath, Discerning Eye collection and Ruth Borchard Self Portrait collection.

Selected Works

Sally Muir, Lily
Sally Muir, Lurcher
Sally Muir, Lonely House, Skye
Lonely House, Skye
Sally Muir, Lurcher on Red
Cabbage, Lurcher on Red
Sally Muir, Tilly
Sally Muir, Betty
Sally Muir, Nipper
Sally Muir, Long Landscape
Long Landscape