Rose Fulbright - Light and Water
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Rose Fulbright
We are delighted to be hosting Rose Fulbright’s first UK solo show ‘Light and Water’. 

“The ever-changing sky above our heads connects us all,” said Fulbright. “I was inspired to focus on this part of the human experience - huge spacious skies with their celestial bodies.”

Walks with her young family in Scandinavia provided Fulbright with the initial inspiration for this body of work. Following this, Rose was invited to stay on Tresco island (The only privately-owned island in the Isles of Scilly) through her cousin Nino Strachey, author of Young Bloomsbury. From this idyllic vantage point, Fulbright produced more sketches of the sky that have also informed works in the exhibition. This collection includes paintings made with multiple applications of acrylic wash on specially treated dressmaker’s silk satin which allows Rose to build up scenes in the manner of a watercolourist. 

“Getting into the pace of island life on Tresco helped me feel even more tied to nature’s rhythms,” she said. “And I was drawn to paint the universal elements that connect and support us all - light and water - that make up the beautiful patterns and visuals we see in the sky. I hope the works evoke some sense of joy in the freedom of nature.”

Painted furniture pieces add a layering of three dimensional artwork to the exhibition, with an antique Bergere chair with sweeping clouds hand-painted directly onto the raw canvas seat being one of the focal points. Fulbright has also repurposed some pieces of furniture from Portmeirion Village's archive, updating and exploring the possibilities of hand painted furniture.

“I aim to create rhythmic, energising depictions of the awe-inspiring moments I find myself in, mostly while travelling with my young family,” said Fulbright, named by British Vogue as The Girl Born to Design. “I am interested in remembering and reminding others of the preciousness of the vitality, freedom, and awe that we all feel when outside.”

Selected Works

Rose Fulbright, Bow of Burning Gold
Bow of Burning Gold
Rose Fulbright, The Sky with Soft Light
The Sky with Soft Light
Rose Fulbright, Catching the Light
Catching the Light
Rose Fulbright, Vitalis
Rose Fulbright, Threads of Light
Threads of Light
Rose Fulbright, The Temper of the Sun
The Temper of the Sun
Rose Fulbright, The Sun, The Sky I
The Sun, The Sky I
Rose Fulbright, The Sun, The Sky II
The Sun, The Sky II
Rose Fulbright, Twilight Moon
Twilight Moon

Rose Fulbright, Palest Fire
Palest Fire
Rose Fulbright, Mantle of Darkness
Mantle of Darkness
Rose Fulbright, White Moon
White Moon
Rose Fulbright, Resplendent Orb
Resplendent Orb
Rose Fulbright, The Sky Above Us
The Sky Above Us
Rose Fulbright, Morning Breaks (Tinnsja Lake)
Morning Breaks (Tinnsja Lake)
Rose Fulbright, Dispersing Night
Dispersing Night
Rose Fulbright, The Essence
The Essence
Rose Fulbright, Twelfth Night (Little Dartington)
Twelfth Night (Little Dartington)
Rose Fulbright, Yin and Yang Lamps
Yin and Yang Lamps
Rose Fulbright, Lady of the Moon Table
Lady of the Moon Table
Rose Fulbright, Atmosphere Tall Lamp
Atmosphere Tall Lamp
Rose Fulbright, Celestial Seat
Celestial Seat