Nicola Rose - On the Edge of Time
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Janet Keith
On The Edge of Time is a new body of work inspired by a week spent walking and drawing in a revisited landscape.

It was Easter on Dartmoor. The colours were old and deep, battling back from a hard winter.

I responded to the rock formations and prehistoric settlements around Hay Tor, experiencing the constantly changing light play as it hit the colours in the granite and shone through the layers of mist. Back in my studio I have created paintings which reflect the ancient intensity of colour and light using oil paint and combining ground natural earth pigments. The warmth and power of the vivid reds and oranges in stark contrast with the grey mists and the wild skies.

Selected Works

Nicola Rose, Follow the Stream
Follow the Stream
Nicola Rose, Tor
Nicola Rose, Infinity Reflected
Infinity Reflected
Nicola Rose, Burnt land
Burnt Land
Nicola Rose, Moorland
Nicola Rose, Long Horizon
Long Horizon
Nicola Rose, Venus and Mars
Venis and Mars
Nicola Rose, Infinity
Nicola Rose, Infinite Wilderness
Infinite Wilderness
Nicola Rose, Mist
Nicola Rose, Haytor
Nicola Rose, Balance
Nicola Rose, Land of the Ancestors
Land of the Ancestors
Nicola Rose, Transition
Nicola Rose, From out of the Wilderness
From out of the Wilderness
Nicola Rose, Moon over Tor
Moon over Tor
Nicola Rose, Dartmoor Sketch
Dartmoor Sketch
Nicola Rose, Moon I
Moon I
Nicola Rose, Moon II
Moon II