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Kelly Stevens
Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan is originally from London, but now lives in rural North Devon with her husband and two big dogs.

She has been creative all of her life and was always drawing and painting as a child. But life took her in a different direction and she followed a career path well away from the world of art. Then aged 46, Kelly decided that it was time to follow her dream and make the changes so that she could focus on her love of painting.

Kelly works mainly in two mediums; acrylics on canvas and also digitally. Working digitally under a studio name, Kelly has produced thousands of illustrations and artworks and very quickly developed a large following in the USA where she regularly took part in shows and had her own showroom in Las Vegas.

But working with acrylics on canvas is her true passion and where she feels most at home. Working daily in her home studio, Kelly loves to use large canvases, building many layers to create vibrant and expressive florals that express her love of rich shades and brilliant hues, and which capture their beauty long after the real flowers have faded.


Selected Works

Kelly Stevens - Country Garden
Country Garden
Kelly Stevens - Sugar and Sweet
Sugar and Sweet
Kelly Stevens - Summer Blues
Summer Blues