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Hermione Owen
“The new influences and inspirations in Hemione Owen's work are always enriched by her acknowledgement of what came before - what brought her to this point. Her tendency is not to reject the old in favour of the new but rather to build upon it. Her curiosity, energy and adventurous spirit combined with this respect for the past explain, at least in part, the continuous development of her work. The beginning was the Byam Shaw in the 1970s where she concentrated, first of all on print-making and then moved towards watercolour, pastel, and oil. Since then, her life has been a full one -something of an understatement. Her eagerness, even impatience, for new material has taken her to India, Spain, Italy and, to the foothills of the French Pyrenees.

In a different sense, her fascination with colour, the changing mood/atmosphere of the landscape, form and composition within the landscape has prompted another exploration resulting in some of her most exciting new paintings. Above all there is an honesty about the work of Hermione Owen - a rare enough quality in this age of pastiche. Whatever the influence or inspiration, her vision remains entirely her own.”

Henry Pope

Selected Works

Hermione Owen, Chateau in France
Chateau in France
Hermione Owen, Florence
Hermione Owen, French Harvest
French Harvest
Hermione Owen, Hydra