Elaine Kazimierczuk
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Elaine Kazimierczuk
Elaine Kazimierczuk is a British painter whose work confronts us with the vibrancy of the natural world. She spends time researching her subjects - increasingly marginal and endangered habitats - especially wildflower meadows, temperate rainforests and ancient woodlands. Back in her Cotswold studio she re-creates the sense of place through semi-abstract interpretations which teem with plant life and clearly convey her lifelong love of these special places.

Kazimierczuk’s work is spontaneous, anarchic and crammed with her own vocabulary of highly idiosyncratic motifs. Vibrant hues, patterns and repeated stylised marks often create a mesmeric effect. Larger works are especially immersive, allowing the eye to wander leisurely over the scene and then alight on an area busy with detail before moving off to some other part of the work, never taking the same journey twice. Often a work is pretty and playful as in a wild flower meadow, whilst in contrast, a dense shady woodland is evoked with deeply expressive intensity. That she conveys her emotions through the act of painting is evident in the work, but fully enjoying her art is a collaborative act in which the viewer’s perception is the final element. Jackson Pollock said ‘Abstract painting confronts you’ and whilst her work may not strike you immediately as ‘confrontational’, it has the power to make lasting impressions.

Elaine works with the charity Plantlife to promote the maintenance and regeneration of wildflower meadows and is planning further collaboration, working to restore temperate rainforest.

Selected Works

Elaine Kazimierczuk - Orchids, Orchids
Orchids, Orchids
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Orchids and Red Clover
Orchids and Red Clover
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Summer Hedgerow with Dog Roses
Summer Hedgerow with Dog Roses
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Alderney Headland
Alderney Headland
Elaine Kazimierczuk - Tree Ferns at Blarney Castle
Tree Ferns at Blarney Castle