Beckie Reed - Forest Floor to Canopy
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Beckie Reed
We are excited to present Beckie Reed's second solo exhibition at McAllister Thomas Fine Art in Godalming. The exhibition will showcase 14 new paintings, with a Private View starting at 11am on Saturday, 11 May 2024.

Beckie shares her thoughts about her work .

"My recent work reflects my passion for painting woodland and treescapes. I build up many layers using washes, splashes, dribbled medium, and glazes. Some methods are unpredictable, which I enjoy, as it leaves room for unexpected results to occur and mingle with exact detailed areas; a contrast that energizes the painting. A critical aspect of a painting for me is the chiaroscuro; I love capturing the contrast between dappled light and shade. I hope my work offers a sense of escapism for the viewer."

Beckie graduated with a first-class degree in Fine Art Painting from Loughborough University. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in London galleries, across the UK, and internationally in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Toronto. Her work is in private collections globally.


Selected Works

Beckie Reed, Dancing Shades
Dancing Shades
Beckie Reed, Woodland Escape
Woodland Escape
Beckie Reed, Got You Here
Got You Here
Beckie Reed, Spring Crescendo
Spring Crescendo
Beckie Reed, The Glade at Dusk
The Glade at Dusk
Beckie Reed, Hope
Beckie Reed, Echos of Autumn
Echos of Autumn
Beckie Reed, Green Flourish
Green Flourish
Beckie Reed, Take a Moment
Take a Moment