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Janet Keith
‘Entwined’ is Beckie Reed’s first solo exhibition with McAllister Thomas.

“I’m continually drawn to paint woodland and treescapes, with the endless possibilities of changing light and dappled shadows. I love the contrast between splattered, dribbled paint and detail which adds depth and interest. The chiaroscuro in each piece remains important in my work and something that has become more pronounced over the years. There’s an intrinsic relationship between the areas of light and dark and without each other they don’t have prominence. Throughout the lockdowns, more than ever, nature was a source of escapism for me. As things begin to feel a little more normal and we emerge from the dark, the light feels even more special,” writes Beckie Reed.

My latest body of work is called ‘Entwined’. It relates to the work itself and my relationship with painting. I feel completely immersed in my work when I have a show coming up and can’t focus on anything else, it’s all encompassing. I enjoy painting intuitively and allowing each piece to form in a natural way, the challenge for me is knowing when to stop. My aim is to try and capture a mood, a changing light, a feeling in my work that draws the viewer in and creates a little piece of escapism and calm. This exhibition also sees my largest painting to date, at 2.2m long!

Based in Ely, Beckie paints mainly in acrylic on canvas and graduated from Loughborough University in 2004 with a first in Fine Art Painting.  

Building up a number of layers to create beautiful, evocative paintings are what is so exquisite about Beckie Reed’s work. The tree trunks and branches are dribbled on using a high gloss medium, requiring an element of control but also spontaneity to give the work a looseness and freedom that’s contrasted with the controlled detailed areas. Each dribble captures a moment and is a permanent mark on the canvas that can’t be undone. It’s the juxtaposition of loose washes, splattered paint, dribbled branches and controlled, precise areas that give the work its energy and vibrancy.  

Beckie has also had a work accepted for the RA Summer show and been shortlisted for many open exhibitions. She regularly exhibits in London, Cambridge and Norfolk and in international art fairs as far afield as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Toronto. Her work is held in private collections all over the world.

Selected Works

Beckie Reed, Ethereal Light
Ethereal Light
Beckie Reed, Ebbing Light
Ebbing Light
Beckie Reed, Soft Melody
Soft Melody
Beckie Reed, From Tiny Acorns
From Tiny Acorns
Beckie Reed, Got You Here
Got You Here
Beckie Reed, Peace Within
Peace Within
Beckie Reed, A Wild Calling
A Wild Calling
Beckie Reed, Sunlight Fade Away
Sunlight Fade Away
Beckie Reed, Hold You Tight
Hold You Tight
Beckie Reed, Lost Light
Lost Light
Beckie Reed, What Lies Before Us
What Lies Before Us
Beckie Reed, Chance Encounter
Chance Encounter
Beckie Reed, Autumn Splendour
Autumn Splendour
Beckie Reed, Spellbound
Beckie Reed, Spring Ditty
Spring Ditty
Beckie Reed, Surround Me
Surround Me
Beckie Reed, Avenue of Trees
Avenue of Trees