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Thomas Lamb
Thomas Lamb was born in 1978 and trained at Wimbledon School of Art. He was awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship for Painting & Sculpture at the British School at Rome (2001-2003), and the Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts, Athens (2005) Group exhibitions include Responding to Rome , Estorick Collection of Modern Art and Hyogo International Competition of Painting, Hyogo Museum of Art, Japan.

Thomas Lamb's work is involved with landscape, its transformation through the seasons, and our engagement with this transformation. He creates images which deepen the viewer's sensation of reality. 'I am concerned with the visual and tactile elements of perception and want to make paintings which envelope and engage the viewer through the use of space, light and colour' Every picture begins with direct observation and is engaged with the process of depiction and the way in which this integrates perception, memory, and imagination.

Selected Works

Thomas Lamb, Blossom Trees at Night
Blossom Trees at Night
Thomas Lamb, Trees Above River at Dawn
Trees Above River At Dawn
Thomas Lamb, Cherry Trees Beside Lake
Cherry Trees Beside Lake
Thomas Lamb, Cherry Trees at Dusk
Cherry Trees at Dusk
Thomas Lamb, Blossom Over the River
Blossom Over the River
Thomas Lamb, Red Deer With Trees
Red Deer With Trees
Thomas Lamb, Irises Early Evening
Irises Early Evening
Thomas Lamb, Two Birds Beside River
Two Birds Beside River
Thomas Lamb, Lamb Under Hawthorn
Lamb Under Horthorn
Thomas Lamb, Old Barn, Early Summer
Old Barn, Early Summer