The Spring Exhibition
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A Winters Collection

McAllister Thomas is delighted to present The Spring Exhibition featuring paintings and bronze sculpture by Gallery artists.


Exhibition Works

David Atkins, Light Showers and a Fresh Breeze
Light Showers and a Fresh Breeze
David Atkins, Path to East Head
Path to East Head
David Atkins, Early Autumn Day West Wittering
Early Autumn Day West Wittering
Joyce Gunn Cairns, Bahnwarter Thiel
Bahnwarter Thiel
Joyce Gunn Cairns, Wee Dolly
Wee Dolly
Joyce Gunn Cairns, Good Companions
Good Companions
Lydia Corbett, Prayer of Love
Prayer of Love
Lydia Corbett, Cats and Bird
Cats and Bird
Lydia Corbett, The Arum Lillie Ladies
The Arum Lillie Ladies
Lydia Corbett, The Horses Gathering
The Horses Gathering
Lydia Corbett, Enzo and Valeria with the Dove
Enzo and Valeria with the Dove
Lydia Corbett, Tulip Still Life
Tulip Still Life
Lydia Corbett, Blue Donkey
Blue Donkey
Lydia Corbett, A Man and Two Horses
A Man and Two Horses
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Colour of Spring
Colour of Spring
Sarah Warley-Cummings, New Shoots
New Shoots
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Bold Border
Bold Border
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Autumn
Felice Hodges, Black and Scarlet
Black and Scarlet
Felice Hodges, Black and Olive
Black and Olive
Felice Hodges, Bridging to Gold
Bridging to Gold
Felice Hodges, Marigold
Felice Hodges, Off White and Beige
Off White and Beige
Felice Hodges, Orange Sparkle
Orange Sparkle
Amelia Humber, Carlton
Amelia Humber - Daltra
Amelia Humber - Longmorn
Amelia Humber, Reed
Andrew Lansley, Hey It's You
Hey It's You
Andrew Lansley, Play with Me
Play with Me
Andrew Lansley, Maypole Trees
Maypole Trees
Andrew Lansley, I Watched the Birds Fly Away
I Watched the Birds Fly Away
Andrew Lansley, Spring Water
Spring Water
Andrew Lansley, The Knowle
The Knowle
Andrew Lansley, Rooster Farm
Rooster Farm
Andrew Lansley, Wyndhams Horse
Wyndhams Horse
Ian Norris, Autumn Sunflowers
Autumn Sunflowers
Ian Norris, Mountain Tarn
Mountain Tarn
Ian Norris, Still Life with Tulips
Still Life with Tulips
Ian Norris, Winter Cove
Winter Cove
Ian Norris, Winter Landscape
Winter Landscape
Ian Norris, Terraces and Olive Groves
Terraces and Olive Groves
Stephen Page, C@II
Stephen Page, Owl III
Stephen Page, Heavy Horse
Heavy Horse
Stephen Page, Scare-D-Cat
Stephen Page, Goat
Stephen Page,Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey
Lucy Powell, Out of the Gate
Out of the Gate
Lucy Powell, The Boat House
The Boat House
Lucy Powell, Garden Room
Garden Room
Lucy Powell, A Splash of Colour
A Splash of Colour
Lucy Powell, Little Terrace
Little Terrace
Lucy Powell, Pears
Lucy Powell, The Light Pours In
A Splash of Colour
Lucy Powell, Through the Trees, Provence
Through the Trees, Provence
Lucy Powell, The Glass Vase
The Glass Vase
Nicola Rose, Midnight Wave
Midnight Wave
Nicola Rose, Touching the Stars
Touching the Stars
Nicola Rose, Released
Nicola Rose, Meditations on the Abyss
Meditations on the Abyss
Nicola Rose, Pendeen Headland
Pendeen Headland
Nicola Rose, Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising
Venetia Syms, Indra Lilies and Gladioli
Indra Lilies and Gladioli
Venetia Syms, Alzara Dahlias
Alzara Dahlias
Venetia Syms, Malati Pink Lilies
Malati Pink Lilies
Venetia Syms, Galletta Dahlias
Galletta Dahlias
Venetia Syms, Villeneuve Thistles
Villeneuve Thistles
Jo Vollers, Foxgloves
Jo Vollers, Yellow Dahlias
Yellow Dahlias
Jo Vollers, Cosmos and Roses
Cosmos and Roses
Annie Waring, White Spring Flowers in Glass
White Spring Flowers in Glass
Annie Waring, Hellebores with Linen Cloth
Hellebores with Linen Cloth
Annie Waring, Nodding Hellebores in Jar
Nodding Hellebores in Jar
Annie Waring, Paperwhites in Jar
Paperwhites in Jar
Annie Waring, Snowdrops in Jam Jar
Snowdrops in Jam Jar
Annie Waring, Two Hellebores in Flask
Two Hellebores in Flask