Sarah Warley-Cummings
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Sarah Warley-Cummings
Sarah Warley-Cummings was born in Cornwall and began sketching her surroundings at an early age.

An Art foundation course in Cornwall was followed by a degree course in St Martins School of Art London.

Since moving to West Sussex a few years ago, the landscape has had a profound influence on her work. The far-reaching countryside along the South Downs features strongly in her recent work .

Her abstract images are formed directly from sketches and drawings of the surrounding countryside.

Selected Works

Sarah Warley-Cummings, New Shoots
New Shoots
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Bold Border
Bold Border
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Autumn
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Colour of Spring
Colour of Spring
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Best Bunch
Best Bunch
Sarah Warley-Cummings, Sping Beauty
Spring Beauty