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Philip Ryaland
Philip was born in Warwickshire in 1971 and studied fine art, sculpture at Staffordshire University, graduating in 1993.

Since graduation, Philip has concentred on painting but still uses the drawing techniques he employed as a sculptor to produce detailed works.

In 2003 he became a professional artist after receiving a series of commissions for a large restaurant chain. The following year a studio space and mentorship was provided to Philip at Farnham Mailtings, which is part of a creative business start up scheme.

He started selling work through a London gallery and also exhibition at a number of major art fairs around the world. In addition, he worked on many large corporate and private commissions both locally and nationally.

In recent years he has taken time out of exhibiting to concentrate on raising a family, but has used this time productively to constantly develop his work and techniques.

Philip’s abstract and semi abstract painting comes from a wealth of sources; travel, personal photos, local landscapes and the daily dog walk to culminate in a host of series of works, all designed to push his painting process.

Philip works either directly onto canvas with many thin paint layers, often scrubbing back and reworking the paint to discover the required image or by digital means to combine several images to create complicated abstract arrangements. His paintings always have personal meaning, with many details that often warrant closer inspection.

Selected Works

Philip Ryland, Blue Lace II
Blue Lace II
Philip Ryland, Drip Man
Drip Man
Philip Ryland, Duck Pond
Duck Pond
Philip Ryland, Show Us Your Bum
Show us Your Bum
Philip Ryland, To Zack Love Larry
To Zack Love Larry
Philip Ryland, Rinky Dink
Rinky Dink
Philip Ryland, Shrine
Philip Ryland, Ben Again
Ben Again
Philip Ryland, Lion Hearted
Lion Hearted
Philip Ryland, The Lion, the Rock and the Unicorn
The Lio,n the Rock and the Unicorn
Philip Ryland, Husbands
Philip Ryland, The Ponds
The Ponds


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