Paul Wadsworth
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Paul Wadsworth
Travel and Performance have played a major part in the development of Paul's work.

Having travelled extensively in the Middle East, showing works in Dubai and Muscat, the Arabic culture and its landscape have become a big part of what Paul's work is about. Although still a big influence the more recent travels in India have become a great source of colour and story telling possibilities for new work

The colour and chaos the sacredness and serenity the beauty and the profane.

Paul fell in love with this country and to work on canvases when back in the studio in Cornwall is a constant flow of memories and colour for him.

Paul paints whilst travelling and keeps sketch books of quick observational drawings which serve to jog his memory back in the studio and to just place the image in Paul's head.

His process back in the studio is to work on a number of canvases at the same time. Starting with no specific idea the paintings grow as the story emerges from the paint. He tends to bounce from one painting to another finding colours that work creating a rhythm throughout.

Paul studied at Falmouth where he gained a Fine Art degree, his works are collected internationally.

Selected Works

Paul Wadsworth, Beach Play
Beach Play
Paul Wadsworth, Flickers of Blue on the Sande
Flickers of Blue on the Sand
Paul Wadsworth, Cape Cornwall Captured Sunlight
Cape Cornwall Captured Sunlight
Paul Wadsworth, South West Coast Path
South West Coast Path
Paul Wadsworth, Spring Sun Warms the Sea
Spring Sun Warms the Sea
Paul Wadsworth, Summer Colour Arrives at Sennen Cove
Summer Colour Arrives at Sennen Cove
Paul Wadsworth, The Cove Provides Shelter
The Cove Provides Shelter
Paul Wadsworth, The Sky Flies by the Bay
The Sky Flies by the Bay
Paul Wadsworth, Circus Brothers
Circus Brothers
Paul Wadsworth, Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Paul Wadsworth, Fan Dancers
Fan Dancers
Paul Wadsworth, Indian Rose Garden
Indian Rose Garden
Paul Wadsworth, Cape Cornwall Warm Summer Winds
Cape Cornwall Warm Summer Winds
Paul Wadsworth, Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
Paul Wadsworth, Monkey Temple
Monkey Temple
Paul Wadsworth, Monsoon Walk
Monsoon Walk
Paul Wadsworth, Goa Sunset Swimmer
Goa Sunset Swimmer
Paul Wadsworth, No Way Down to Turquoise Cove
No Way Down to Turquoise Cove