Felice Hodges - Recent Works
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Felice Hodges - Recent Works
We are delighted to be hosting an exhibition of new works by one of the country’s most revered abstract artists – Felice Hodges.

Born in New York, Felice moved to the UK when she was thirteen where she studied at the Royal College of Music. Later she returned to the US to attend Cornell University, graduating in 1976 with a First Class Honours Degree in music and art.

Working from her studios in London and Dorset, Felice’s paintings are true compositions which enable you to sense the relationship between music and art.

Depicting still life and landscapes inspired by the rivers and English countryside, as well as the chaotic buzz of London, the paintings form a dramatic focal point for any setting. You can feel the excitement that Felice experiences when painting. When the work is flowing and coming together it is like a true masterpiece, like a ‘symphony’.

The work encapsulates a variety of themes that are underpinned by her enigmatic expression, use of colour, line and pronounced rhythm to create bold statements which immediately draw the onlookers’ attention and admiration.

Robert Upstone, former head of British Art, Tate Modern wrote of Felice’s work:-

“….like the truest art, Felice’s paintings transcend the harsh rigidities and conformities of language. They hover between abstraction and some mysterious, transformed poetic reality. Tones are laid next to, or over each other, to create highly original and unexpected chromatic combinations which are also intensely beautiful… subtle, ravishing harmonies of colour. Such an expressive approach to painting and perception enriches all who sees it.”

Whilst Dr. Ian Massey, Art Historian and Author wrote:-

“Felice works rapidly, constantly sensitive to surface and touch, her process a fine balance between pre-meditation and spontaneity… creating these lyrical, atmospheric abstractions.”

Exhibition Works

Felice Hodges, Black and Scarlet
Black and Scarlet
Felice Hodges, Black and Olive
Black and Olive
Felice Hodges, Bridging to Gold
Bridging to Gold
Felice Hodges, Celadon and Sky
Celadon and Sky
Felice Hodges, Drab Green and Greye
Drab Green and Grey
Felice Hodges, Gold in Motion
Gold in Motion
Felice Hodges, Green in the Middle
Green in the Middle
Felice Hodges, Harbour
Felice Hodges, Harbour Lights
Harbour Lights
Felice Hodges, Kerry Green
Kerry Green
Felice Hodges, King and Queen
King and Queen
Felice Hodges, Lavender Blue Hill
Lavender Blue Hill
Felice Hodges, Marigold
Felice Hodges, Off White and Beige
Off White and Beige
Felice Hodges, Orange Sparkle
Orange Sparkle
Felice Hodges, Pink Carafe
Pink Carafe
Felice Hodges, Purple Haze
Purple Haze
Felice Hodges, Soaring
Felice Hodges, Yellow and Sky
Yellow and Sky
Felice Hodges, Ebony and Slate
Ebony and Slate