Bob Aldous - The Mind's Eye
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FBob Aldous - The Mind's Eye
McAllister Thomas is delighted to present a solo exhibition by painter Bob Aldous.

Life affirming and beautiful, a collection of new works from the studio of Bob Aldous. The works draw on a deep respect for nature, a dance of dappled light on a rippling stream, the reflection of changing clouds in water. These scapelands of the imagination draw their inspiration from the natural world.

The paintings use subtle and experimental techniques derived from both eastern and western traditions. Inks and acrylics applied to silk are inspired from ancient Chinese brush painting; tempera and oil on canvas inspired by the painters from 16th century Venice.These light infused canvases draw inspiration from masters from the vast tradition of paintings but look forward towards a life confirming celebration of light and colour. Just what we need after we come out after this period of lockdown.

Exhibition Works

Bob Aldous - Breaking Wave
Breaking Wave
Bob Aldous - Distance Between Sea and Sky
Distance Between Sea and Sky
Bob Aldous - Earth, Sky, Water
Earth, Sky, Water
Bob Aldous - Light and Space
Light and Space
Bob Aldous - Luminous Earth
Luminous Earth
Bob Aldous - Rock and Water
Rock and Water
Bob Aldous - Stream
Bob Aldous - Wild Side I
Wild Side I
Bob Aldous - Wild Side II
Wild Side II
Bob Aldous - The Cove
The Cove
Bob Aldous, Light Through Air, Light Through Water
Light Through Air, Light Through Water
Bob Aldous, Shallows
Bob Aldous, Blind Light
Blind Light
Bob Aldous, Stretch
Bob Aldous, Fresh Water
Fresh Water
Bob Aldous, Indigo Falls
Indigo Falls
Bob Aldous, Rise and Fall
Rise and Fall
Bob Aldous, Midday Bright
Midday Bright
Bob Aldous, Ochre Saphire
Ochre Saphire
Bob Aldous, Undergrowth
Bob Aldous, Summer Stream
Summer Stream
Bob Aldous, Downstream
Bob Aldous, Progress of the Tide
Progress of the Tide
Bob Aldous, Into the Wave
Into the Wave