Andrew Lansley - Green and Pleasant Lands
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Andrew Lansley
I have been to Antarctica in Greenland and despite the latter’s name, these places are not green, but they are places that explorers ventured to. For those that travelled there, and in my own experience, the greenness of home is the thing that I miss when I’m away from it.

There is something mundane about the endless snow of Antarctica. So much so, that it’s very monotony has actually driven some people crazy. This is not to say that Antarctica and Greenland are not extremely beautiful and awe-inspiring, but the green-ness of home is a sure sign of comfort and belonging. It is present in the landscapes of the Ruralists, from Blake to Inshaw; it is there in the works of Samuel Palmer and implied in the heavenly visions of William.

Green pasture is a symbol of comfort and contentment. Perhaps this dream of home is a thing of the past and a romantic vision or something to which we might long to return. It may also be an idea of a perfect future as in Blake’s visions.

And so, my focus has returned once again to the green rolling hills of home. These are landscapes to that always capture and hold my attention. The landscapes that I will not find anywhere else the matter how far I travel.

Exhibition Works

Andrew Lansley, A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park
Andrew Lansley, Back to Green
Back to Green
Andrew Lansley, Brancaster Mooring
Brancaster Mooring
Andrew Lansley, Cabbage Farm
Cabbage Farm
Andrew Lansley, Far Side of the Bay
Far Side of the Bay
Andrew Lansley, Flooded Forest
Flooded Forest
Andrew Lansley, Green Farm
Green Farm
Andrew Lansley, Hay Street Farm
Hay Street Farm
Andrew Lansley, Haydon Hill
Haydon Hill
Andrew Lansley, High Parasols
High Parasols
Andrew Lansley, Hound Tor
Hound Tor
Andrew Lansley, Salthouse Wreck
Salthouse Wreck
Andrew Lansley, The Birds and the Bees
The Birds and the Bees
Andrew Lansley, Towards Dartmoor
Towards Dartmoor
Andrew Lansley, Twilight
Andrew Lansley, Wasdale
Andrew Lansley, Charnborough Farm
Charnborough Farm
Andrew Lansley, Autumn Shredding
Autumn Shredding
Andrew Lansley, Time and Tide
Time and Tide
Andrew Lansley, Rose Hill
Rose Hill